Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Prayer Request

Please keep Senator Ted Kennedy (D) of Massachusetts in your prayers. He has just been diagnosed with brain cancer. He may have anywhere from a few months to a few years to live. He is in great need of our Mother of Perpetual Help.

I know that many Catholics have difficulty with Senator Kennedy because some of his political positions are contrary to Church teaching. Do consider that he is elected to represent a constituency. This puts him between the proverbial rock and hard place. As a politician he must accurately work for the concerns of those whom he represents. As a Catholic he must accept the teaching of the Church. In a perfect world these two facets would not be in opposition. We do not live in a perfect world. And none of us are privy to the struggles of conscience he or any politician must endure in such a situation. So I ask that you not comment on his political or moral positions. Should that happen I will close the comment boxes. This is strictly a devotional blog.

If people offer prayerful support either through the the comment box or the guest book I will transcribe them and forward them to the senator.

Fr. Scott Bailey, C.Ss.R.


Anonymous said...

Abba Father in the Holy Name of Jesus, Your Son, I pray that You pour the precious Blood of Jesus on all members of our family, forgive all our sins, purify us, pour your Holy Spirit on us, neal us, transform us to work for your glory & to love, serve & comfort your prople.

One drop of Jesus' Blood is enough to healing of John's bleeding retina & diabetes.

Father of love reveal your plans to Mel, Jude for their future.

Heal JF from the protruded disc (severe back pain)

Heal baby Angela from milk/food allergy, & give her good health

Bless Naomi Divine grace & wisdom to complete her project successfully & bless her with scholarship for her further studies

Bless Joe & Mich with gift of a child soon Lord

protect & guide AS & MS Lord, you alone are their refuge.

Gertrude said...

Mother of Perpetual Help/Succour has been
mine and whole family's comfort, refuge, safety, resting place, love dwelling warm place, sweet fragrance, protective arms & ocean of peace, wisdom, courage & blessings with good health

Anonymous said...

Lord i know you're a good God.pls bless me & Lester with a beautiful & healthy baby soon that would give us a bountiful of joy & we'll seal our love in marriage that we may spend a lifetime together prasing and serving you our God. i claim victory now. i know you have answered my prayer already like you always do & that the seed of life & joy is already planted in my womb now.i trust in you.thank you and praise God!

Anonymous said...

Blessed Mother, please bless my studies as I prepare for graduate school, please help me in my financial worries about school and my vocation.

Patriciamarie said...

I ask prayers for Kevin, Ian, Sylvia, myself (Patricia) and all my family and friends.

I pray that my move will be a good one, happy and peaceful, and that financially I will be able to afford it.

Premier said...

Please pray for Maria and I, for our marriage, her return to the Catholic Church, for God to help us to lead one another to him. May we recognize and value the gift we have in each other. May we appreciate one another. May our hearts hope the best for each other. May we love as God intended, and bear a daughter for him. Praise be to God!